Education Speaker Dr. Steve Perry and the Founder of Capital Prep Schools, headlines a new daytime talk show, “Breakthrough With Dr. Steve Perry” for CBS Television Distribution (CTD) to air as a limited television series on FOX Television Stations. 

The new, syndicated program will debut as a limited series on FOX Television Stations, beginning January 7, 2019. “Breakthrough With Dr. Steve Perry” will broadcast in eight markets for two weeks on select FOX stations, including WNYW (New York); KTTV (Los Angeles); KTXH (Houston); WAGA (Atlanta); KUTP (Phoenix); WJBK (Detroit); WOFL (Orlando); and WJZY (Charlotte).

Each hour-long episode of “Breakthrough With Dr. Steve Perry” will feature Dr. Perry offering advice and guidance to his guests, whether they are in crisis, at a crossroads or stuck in a problematic relationship. With tough truths, and often a little humor, his goal is to help his guests move from breakdown to breakthrough. 

“We are excited to bring Dr. Perry’s unique voice and inspiring perspective to daytime,” McDaniel said. “He has been committed to improving the lives of American families for decades, and we are thrilled to be taking the work he does in his office every day and moving it to television so that millions of more people can benefit from his wisdom and advice.” 

“Everybody needs a breakthrough! I am humbled and excited to take people through theirs,” Dr. Perry said. “What makes TV matter is when it adds value to our lives. There’s nothing more valuable than learning how to arrive at a breakthrough, and I look forward to sharing that experience with viewers.” 

“We think ‘Breakthrough’ has potential,” added Cicha. “And being able to present it in January, when there isn’t much going on in syndication, makes it that much more compelling. Our goal is to deliver fresh programming year-round, so we’re glad to be working with CBS on this.”


Tune in to a powerful new documentary series, Save My Son, which tells the tales of families struggling to save the sons who have fallen victim to bad influences and wrong choices. Hosted by renowned Educator and Speaker Dr. Steve Perry, Save My Son sheds light on an all-too-familiar story in the African-American community, one that occurs across the entire socioeconomic spectrum.   


Each show features an intervention with loved ones, a therapist, host Dr. Steve Perry, and a celebrity mentor who offers inspiration, support, and insight into what choosing a different path can mean. has walked in the young man’s footsteps.  Dr. Perry ventures into these young men’s communities and gives viewers an unfiltered look into their daily lives and struggles.  Each episode will feature a celebrity mentor who offers inspiration, support, and insight into what choosing a different path can mean. Celebrity mentors include Steve Harvey; Jalen Rose and Derek Anderson; Ruben Studdard; and Pooch Hall, Iyanla Vanzant, and Terrance J.  They all work together on the best possible action plan to get our young black man in crisis back on track.  The sons are given a taste of reality by any and all means available: a visit to jail; a face-to-face with former gang members; community service; or one-on-one with local street warriors.

“We have hit rock bottom. Our sons are dying of every disease, suffering from every academic, social, and emotional trauma at rates that have never been recorded,” says Dr. Perry. “The only thing left to do is to fight like hell to save our sons.” 


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